Lisa Dee 6 Week Bikini Body

Recently I decided to try Lisa Dee’s 6 week bikini body program (for the third time). I had tried it before and had incredible results but unfortunately I really struggle with will power and never saw it through to the end of the six weeks but this time I decided to give it one more shot.

Before I start let me state that I do not now, or have I ever believed that I was overweight, nor do I encourage weightloss. What I do encourage is a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet which is what Lisa Dee’s program aims to promote.
It does not consist of a starvation diet nor does it consist of excessive exercising. It simply involves a few changes, some food preparation and a half hour of exercise from home each day. It is so simple and can be adapted to suit any lifestyle or ability.

In the video above, I was in my second week of the program and decided to wear my favourite jeans from my boutique which I lived in all Summer and were a little snug around the waist. On this particular day, I put them on to find that they were so loose in the waist that I would need to have them altered. Whilst they may have been my favourite jeans, it was such a nice feeling to see them loose like this.
I had spent the previous few months struggling with bloating, discomfort in my stomach and some kind of dietary disorder. I had been tested for celiac disease, put on tablets for my stomach etc. and nothing had helped, so thanks to Lisa’s program, I stripped it right back to basics and with simple changes in my diet, my stomach shrank over night. I felt more full of energy, my skin appearance improved and if I had to deal with not being able to wear my favourite jeans then I could handle that.

Lisa has just started a new program called Slimbo for Chrimbo which you guys can check out on her Facebook page. She has numerous accounts from clients which show the success of her programs and how they make girls both look better and feel better. Lisa’s Facebook page can be found HERE and you can contact her on there for any further information.

I may not have the best willpower but I will be trying out her Slimbo for Chrimbo program over the next few weeks and will keep you posted on my progress.

Nicola x

My before and after Pics

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