International Women’s Day

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Happy International Womens Day

It shouldn’t take a special day for us to acknowledge the greatness of women. We should celebrate and be celebrated every day that we get up, every day we take a breath… the days that we change the world and the days that we don’t… And whilst I believe this, I also fully believe in everything that International Women’s day stands for because it is a day to step back and take notice of all of the unique and incredible women in this world!

I never truly understood women before opening my boutique. I mean, I am one, but I’m just me… just one woman in this crazy world that’s filled with millions.

Everyday for the last three years I have had women from all walks of life come through my door… every age, every size, every shape… I’ve had women who window shop and women who buy everything in sight. Women with confidence and women with none. I’ve dressed women for every occasion, from christenings to weddings to funerals. I’ve watched them go through 9months of pregnancies, I’ve held their babies whilst they try on clothes, I’ve listened to them cry and be insecure afterwards and I’ve told them that they are beautiful and that their bodies are amazing for what they have created! I’ve watched teenage girls preparing for their first discos and dressed women who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries. I’ve had fashion shows with women who just love to try on… I’ve spent hours with women who just didn’t want to go home…

International Womens Day

I’ve watched clothes transform women from shy and insecure to strong and confident. I’ve seen little smiles creep in when they find something they truly love and I’ve laughed with them when they try on something they hate. I’ve seen women lose weight, gain weight, change their hair colours… I’ve seen them smile and I’ve seen them cry… Some women I have truly seen and some I have only seen whats on the surface.

Thousands of women have walked through the doors of Sequin Cinderella… Thousands of shapes, styles, personalities. I’ve seen it all and yet I’ve seen very little – I still don’t understand women… because everyone of us is different! We aren’t here to be understood, we are here to be ourselves, to be unapologetically us! The only person that needs to understand us is ourselves… the only thing we need to have in common with one another is the power to be incredible, to be internally beautiful and to remember who we are.

Be your own strength, be your own truth and be your own hero!

And every once in a while… blow your own damn mind!

Love Nicola xx

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International Womens Day

International Women’s Day

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