Laser Hair Removal at The Beauty House

One permanent battle that us ladies (and lots of men) have to deal with is that of hair removal. We have it in all of the wrong places, spend a fortune getting rid of it in some areas and another fortune trying to add it to our heads… one of life’s greatest ironies eh?
If you are dark haired like me, you will especially relate to the struggle. Shaving is a waste of time, considering that by the next evening you will be in stubble-sville ready to repeat the entire process.
I had recently started waxing my legs which had definitely lightened the growth but it is still such a pain as you have to persevere with the awkward regrowth period in between times which is a constant rotation of opaque tights and jeans.
I had always been curious about laser hair removal, but with the crazy price tags and not being sure if it actually works, it isn’t something that I ever decided to pursue. However when Jennifer from The BeautyHouse Bridgend contacted me to try it out, I jumped at the chance.

I did a video to show you guys the entire process which you can see above. (apologies about the unflattering angle and the ghostly colour of my legs but you can’t wear fake tan and the less pigment in your skin the better the result).
Jennifer began by shaving my legs as the hair needs to be stimulated by the razor in order to have the best effect. She then sectioned off my legs using a marker in order to divide them into areas for better precision with the treatment. And finally the laser process began, which you will see in detail in the video.
I want to tell you that it was totally pain free but I can’t… what I can tell you is that it isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Imagine someone snapping an elastic band against your skin over and over again and thats exactly how it feels. The whole process is over in a flash so any discomfort you feel is soon forgotten. There is very little to worry about when it comes to the aftercare process, all you have to do is stay out of sunlight & avoiding hot water & perfumed lotions for 24 hours.

At first I wasn’t sure if it had worked. My hair grew within a few days and felt really sharp and stubbly as if I had shaved my legs. This panicked me as I felt that it hadn’t worked but Jennifer did warn me that this was normal. The hair follicle that was left behind from shaving continued to grow out as normal but after a day or so they started to fall out and by the end of the week my legs were the smoothest they had ever been.
Even after waxing, by the third week I would have to start covering up my legs again, however I am now into my second month since having just one session of laser treatment and the hairs are so fine  that I could easily wear a skirt and you wouldn’t even notice.
I definitely recommend trying out the laser. It might be quite expensive but if you add up all of the money you spend on waxing or shaving foams over the years then I am sure it balances out.

I have only had one session so far, so I will keep you guys updated after my next few sessions and of course do a follow up post but for now I am very impressed.

If you would like to contact Jennifer for yourself the check out her Facebook page – HERE or you can give her a call on 00353 74 9386006

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