Kenzo Vibes and Autumn Leaves

When your favourite brand releases a collaboration with a high street store, then its pretty much a must that you queue online through crashing websites and frustrating moments until you get through to pick up some of your favourites. Well that is pretty much how my morning went on the day that the Kenzo for H&M collection was released.
It took me at least an hour, being 20mins late for work then selecting any size that was left in order to get my hands on some of them but I finally did and I was super excited when they arrived last week.
As you can tell, if you have seen my own collection, I am a print designer myself and I love strong colours & bold designs. The KenzoxHM collection was right up my street and whilst I loved the really eye catching pieces, I surprised myself when I found that my favourite piece of all was this knitted jumper with embroidered patches. 
Its so cosy but still so stylish with its wide sleeves, high neck and striking details. Its probably the most wearable of the pieces that I bought and ideal for throwing on over my little tutu ra-ra skirt from Primark/Penneys for this crisp Autumn day.
I absolutely love this time of year (when it is dry) – I am obsessed with cosy clothes and layers so these mild but brisk evenings are ideal for sweatshirts and casual strolls through the fallen leaves.
I even made a new friend along the way in the form of a gorgeous black labrador who decided he wanted to appear in some of my pics! 
Did you guys pick up any of the Kenzo x HM pieces? let me know what you thought.
Nicola x

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