Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Last week I filmed a “Behind the Scenes at Sequin Cinderella Boutique” vlog and have just published it to my youtube channel so I thought I would share it here for you guys to watch it too.

I always get so many questions about running a boutique, how I set it up and what I do from day to day so this just gives you a brief insight into a day in the life of “Sequin Cinderella” and some of the tasks that I complete n a day to day basis.

I also included a little unboxing section which I know you all love! This one shows the arrival of my amazing new brand “Dancing Leopard as well as the famous Spanx leggings!

Check it out and let me know in the comments if you would like to see more videos like this one! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Nicola x  

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