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Two weeks ago I told you all on facebook and twitter that I had decided to try out the Squat and Ab challenges.
I never thought I would stick to it but as Summer is here and holidays are looming I was determined to not only tone up but to feel better about myself.
I always find it hard to get motivated by myself but the app’s for iPhone really helped me along the way as you have to tick off each section as you go along. This really encouraged me to keep going and keep ticking off the days.
Although I am quite active, I haven’t had a proper exercise routine since last summer and I have had the worst diet, living on takeaways or convenience food as I’m always on the go.
I noticed that I was feeling tired constantly and my stomach was always bloated and uncomfortable. I knew there was nothing medically wrong with me so I then turned to diet and exercise.
I cut wheat from my diet and decided to really cut down my carb intake as well as my new light exercise regime. I also tried to add some cardio into my everyday life by going for walks and jogs each day!
As you can see from the pics, I have already made quite a difference and it has only been two weeks since I began. I know the results are not drastic but I feel better and healthier. I no longer feel sluggish and bloated and my self confidence is on the rise!
For any of you that are trying to tone up or lose weight this summer, please take some advice from me:
Particularly if you are exercising! Muscle weighs more than fat! Take a before and after pic, measure your waist, hips, thighs etc, but most importantly, don’t put your body through hell.
Its tough to make changes but do not make yourself miserable in the process, body image is about how you feel inside, not how society should make you feel so do what is right for you.
If you are like me and want to start a new exercise program but you are starting from scratch, then I would strongly recommend both the Ab & Squat challenges. They start really easy and allow you to build up your workout!
Its working for me so its worth trying out for yourself!
Nicola x
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