Lisa Dee 6 Week Online Program

As some of you may have seen on my snapchat (sequincinders) – last week I started Lisa Dee’s 6 week bikini body plan.
I had done this before, around last summer and it was amazing. I lost weight, gained definition and had an all round healthier life. The before and after pictures above and below were taken throughout my journey last time around and whilst its not miracle material, its definitely a huge difference considering the plan is all done from home and relies only on your own will power as opposed to attending bootcamps or classes.
Let me start by saying – I know I am not overweight and I am not encouraging losing weight in anyway before any key board warriors decide to get fired up. Lisa’s program is about being healthy, eating well, exercising without being obsessive and improving your lifestyle. It is not about becoming a size 0.
This time around, I was happy enough with my weight, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m a woman so I always have a few pounds that I could ditch here or there but I felt confident in my body. My main reason for wanting to make changes is that I have been feeling so sluggish and bloated recently. I’ve had no energy and my skin is crap. I had been researching different intolerances and figured that I definitely have an adversity to either wheat, dairy or both. My high intake of sugar definitely wasn’t helping me either so I decided that Lisa’s plan was the best for me.
I had tried and tested it and knew that it works so I decided to give it a go.
I started in last Monday and I have already lost 5lbs. My mood has improved and I definitely feel much better. Now I will warn you guys that you may have a few crappy days at the start. My body was used to a Latte a day, a chocolate bar on demand, a takeaway at night and here I was going cold turkey on all of the above so I had the most awful headache for a day or so and felt a bit crap. But it is so important to struggle through that phase because on day three or four I started to feel amazing and haven’t looked back.
Lisa’s program consists of a diet plan and step by step guides to your daily exercises. I haven’t even started the exercises yet and I am noticing huge differences with the food so I look forward to starting them this week and seeing even better results.
If you are anything like me and have a hectic lifestyle, an awful diet and a lack of energy then I definitely recommend working with Lisa and trying her online program. It is super easy to follow from home and has amazing, proven results each time.
You can check out Lisa’s work on her Facebook page HERE and her website HERE for more information and don’t forget to follow me on snapchat – sequincinders or on instagram – thesequincinderella to keep up to date with my progress.
Nicola x

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