Blog Awards Ireland

blog awards ireland

The Blog Awards Ireland are fast approaching and I would be honoured to receive a nomination from my wonderful followers. The closing date for nominating is the 31st of July so time is of the essence to get voting for “The Sequin Cinderella.”
All you have to do is click the button above or follow this link – and fill out the relevant details.
You will need my email address which is, the blog title which is “The  Sequin Cinderella” and the blog address which is
You then pick whichever categories you feel my blog fits into particularly: 
Best Newcomer
Best Beauty/Fashion Blog
Best Overall Blog
Best Personal Blog
Best Designed Blog
You can also write a little bit about what you like about the blog and why you keep coming back for more! Simple as that.
The nomination page states that the closing date is the 16th however that has now been extended until the 31st so all nominations still count!
My blog is my life and I have a huge passion for fashion. Being able to share this love with the world is an incredible feeling and to be nominated for a blog award would make it all worth while, particularly so early in my blogging career.
Incase any of you need reminding about why my blog is special, here is a recap of some of my favourite looks from the past few months!
Thanks so much to everyone who nominates and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog in the future!
Nicola x
From the Post – Crown Of Flowers

From the Post – Man Time Fashion Show

From the Post – The Devil Wears Prada

From the Post – Dinner by the Harbour

From the Post – Avtio Crete

From the Post – Yassou Crete

From the Post – Studs and Spikes

From the Post – Sunshine and Daisies


From the Post – Forgotten Storm


From the Post – Leather Forever


From the Post – The “Sequin” Cinderella

From the Post – Sugar Lips Apparel
From the Post – Walk in the Park
Don’t forget just click the following link to cast your nomination x

blog awards ireland

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