Bio Oil Scar Reduction Diary Part 1

Warning: Contains images that some readers may find distressing!
Anyone that follows me on snapchat (if you don’t then come join me – sequincinders) will know that I had a little incident with my leg recently that needed stitches!
I had a small accident that resulted in a rather nasty cut on the back of my calf muscle and I had to get 15 stitches in it – not a pleasant experience when you are rather vain like me and love to wear dresses but it happened and I had to make the best of a bad situation.
I was very lucky insofar as my doctor knows my interest in fashion and dressing nicely so she called in the help of an amazingly talented doctor who did subcutaneous stitches (beneath the skin) rather than on top in order to keep scarring to a minimal.
Although it could have been much worse, I now have a rather ugly purple line on my leg. However, as if by some miracle, the week of the accident I received a little package thanks to Bio Oil & Pegasus PR and I now have a helping hand to reduce the scarring.
I will be keeping a diary on the blog over the next few months showing the progress of the scar and the help that Bio Oil has provided so stay tuned if you are interested in seeing if it actually works.
I have been using it for one week already and I definitely notice a difference in the colouring and texture of the scar.
I have included before and after pictures of my war wound below but please do scroll down at your own discretion as it isn’t the nicest sight to see, especially if you are eating your dinner!
Nicola x



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