Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics.

I recently received some products from “Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics“, an LA based company that is mineral, natural, paraben free, talc free and PETA approved. All things which greatly appeal to me when choosing a cosmetic brand.
They sent me the “Stay Put Eye Primer” and the “Break Away Make Up remover” which I couldn’t wait to try.
I never really wear eye shadow, mainly because I don’t have the patience for all of the blending techniques etc. I generally end up looking a bit like a panda so this was a little bit of a challenge for me. I had to sit down and actually take some time to try out the primer, apply the eye shadow and see how it lasted and it was definitely worth the effort in fact, I have become a bit obsessed now and have applied eye shadow every day since. The primer really helped to smooth out my eye lid and provide a perfect base for the eyeshadow which lasted all day until I removed my makeup just before bed.
Since I have such problems with breakouts on my skin, I pay special attention to my cleansers so trying a new make up remover left me a little skeptical. I tend to stick to my favourite products but I gave this one a go and was highly impressed. It smells beautiful and felt so soothing on my skin. It also took off every trace of my make-up including the eye make up.
I loved the fact that it was a foaming cleanser, I prefer the type that you mix with water rather than straightforward cleansers as it always makes me feel like I have had a much deeper cleanse.
I don’t usually rush to recommend new products without giving them several months worth of trials, however, I would definitely suggest that you give this one a go. I have quite sensitive skin and I had no reaction to this whatsoever. It felt gentle and definitely did what it said on the box!
If you would like to try them out for yourself, check out their website – or like their Facebook page HERE!
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