Walsh Brothers Shoes


For any of you that follow my social media sites, you will have seen my many posts about these beautiful neon Skechers that I received thanks to Walsh Brothers Shoes. I have never been one to exercise on a regular basis but recently I have been working with personal trainer – Lisa Dee Fitness – so it was the perfect time to find a funky new pair of shoes to aid me on my journey.
I absolutely love the colours in these trainers and even more importantly than how they look, they are extremely comfortable! They have a memory foam sole which almost makes it feel like you are walking on air. Also, if any of you have fallen arches or suffer from foot pain in any way, these might just be the answer you are looking for.
If you want to purchase a pair for yourselves or find out what else Walsh Brothers have to offer, check out their website – www.walshbrothersshoes.ie. You can also find the exact link right to purchase these beauties right HERE.
Keep an eye on my next post to follow my fitness journey with Lisa Dee!
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