Magic Candy Factory @ The Loop

Today I was delighted to receive a package from The Loop at Dublin airport that contained the cutest little treat. Dublin is one of the first airports in the world to welcome the Magic Candy Factory and their next generation in 3D food printing.
This gorgeous gift of mine is made entirely of candy and spells out my name along with a little heart shaped lock. It is Raspberry flavoured and has a glittering finish but it is still 100% edible.
“Ahead of its official opening in April, The Loop is offering travellers a preview of the wonders of 3D food printing at the Magic Candy Factory pop up shop until March 27th”.
How to make your bespoke candy creation:
1. Choose your splendid shape or a 3D print of your name. You can also upload or draw a picture on the special iPad in store.
2. Select from choices for your favourite COLOUR/FLAVOUR combinations – Raspberry Pink, Strawberry Bright Red, Mango Orange, Lemon Yellow, Apple Green, Tropical Blue, Purple Blackcurrant and Rainbow.
3. Pick a fantastic FINISH to complete your masterpiece – Sour, Glitter, Fizzy or Smooth
4. Design your MAGIC LABEL to match the candy you have just created.
5. One Magic size and one magic price of €10 per design.
Check it out for yourself on Facebook –, on Twitter @theloopdutyfree and on instagram @theloopdutyfree.
These are such a fun, unique gift for the child in your life or for the grown up “children” like me!
I am super excited to try mine although it looks way too good to eat <3
Love Nicola x

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