Dreams Can Come True

Four years ago I began a fashion journey… and I had no idea where the road would lead. 
What started as a hobby has now led to a career and I could not be happier.
What began as a small blog has now grown to have a worldwide following and led me, not only to study Fashion & Textiles but to the opening of my very own boutique.
Four years ago if you had asked me where I would be in 2016, I would have had no idea that the answer would be right here, in Sequin Cinderella Boutique, but here I am and it has been the most incredibly wonderful, terrifying, nerve wrecking, exciting journey of my life.
For any of you who run your own business you will know the many risks involved but you will also know the satisfaction of seeing your dream come to life before your very eyes.
Sitting down each night, looking around at a place that I have dreamt of and realising that it is here and it is real is a very strange but fulfilling feeling. Sure… I have taken a risk but only two weeks in, I am damn glad I did.
Since I was a little girl, I dreamt of owning my own boutique. My mum had several boutiques of her own when she was my age and we both talked of doing it again one day, this time together. She raised me with fashion in my blood and it is just the most amazing feeling to see this childhood dream turn into reality.
As I write this, I will have been in business for just over two weeks and they really have been incredible. The feedback I have received has been amazing! I am in my element helping women of all ages, shapes and sizes find their perfect outfit or accessory – the only one, extreme problem that I have faced is refraining from keeping one of every item myself! (lol)
I will be forever grateful to each and every one of you who have come to visit, brought cards and gifts & wished me luck. To those who have bought pieces from the boutique, I hope they bring you as much happiness in wearing them as they did for me in choosing them.
So here, for any of you who have not seen pictures, is a little sneak peek inside 
Sequin Cinderella Boutique.
I am based in Buncrana, Co. Donegal so for any of you who live near by, please pop in and say hello, but if you don’t live close, my online store will be launching very soon. In the mean time, be sure to follow me on social media to keep up to date with stock or to purchase online:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheSequinCinderella
Snapchat: sequincinders
Instagram: thesequincinderella
Twitter: sequincinders
I can ship worldwide so just contact me if there is something that you would like and I can arrange to have it sent to you! 
Happy Shopping guys and I look forward to welcoming you all into my store, be it in person or online.
Nicola x

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