Jacqueline Quinn & New Balance Target Breast Cancer


As most of you know, October is Breast Cancer awareness month.
Unfortunately in this day and age most of us can relate to how it feels to have someone we know or are close to affected by this terrible illness and the importance of raising awareness is increasing everyday!
So many people worldwide are doing their bit for the cause and using their talents to draw attention to this amazing campaign.
One of those people is Jacqueline Quinn, a top Irish fashion designer.
Jacqueline, who is based in New York, has recently partnered with “New Balance“, a leading sportswear company, to create a dress solely out of sneaker parts for the Susan G. Komen foundation in order to celebrate women and promote Breast Cancer Awareness.
The specific running shoe that was used in the making of the dress was also designed especially for this cause and is aptly named “Race for the Cure”. 
Of course the colour scheme for the dress and the running shoes had to be pink, the signature colour for Breast Cancer awareness. 
The dress exudes femininity, power and strength, the key elements that we as women must possess in the face of diversity. It shows a celebration of womanhood and a fight to overcome a disease which has robbed us of some very beautiful lives in the past.
Jacqueline Quinn, an already highly acclaimed designer has now become an advocate and a role model.
Her stunning creation is not only a spectacular fashion statement and a wonderful piece of artwork but it is a beautiful message of awareness and hope for Women across the globe.
The process of this truly inspirational collaboration has been documented in a 5 part video series, all of which can be seen below.
I hope you like this wonderful dress, designed for an even more wonderful cause and that each and everyone of you are doing your bit for Breast Cancer Awareness!
Be Safe, Be Strong, Be Aware x
Nicola x


Thanks to Jacqueline Quinn and to Lauren, Jacqueline’s Assistant for all of the above information.

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