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From the fashion app –
I am going to take a little break from holiday outfit posts to share with you, some of the fashion apps that have kept me amused during the long lazy days of lying in the sunshine.
Nowadays it is all about the smart phone. I don’t know about you but I don’t feel like I could function without mine.
If you haven’t been brave enough to try out a smart phone yet there are lots of different brands and styles available at Phones4U – My personal fave has to be the Apple iPhone 5 but there are so many different phones available at the moment that there is one to suit every age, ability and style.
I have put together a list of the top fashion apps which I have on my phone at the minute!
They are the perfect way to keep you entertained and fashion savvy, particularly whilst on your holidays so I hope the info below should help you in choosing some of the best available.
Nicola x
An instagram pic showing how much I love my iPhone 5

My all time favourite app! An easy way to share pics with followers and friends whilst also having cool little editing tools to make your photos instantly more funky and cool! Don’t forget – it’s all about the #hashtag

Image 1

This app is like a fashion encyclopedia. It shows everything from the latest fashion trends to designer styles fresh from the catwalk! Exactly what you need to keep up to date with all things stylish.

Image 3

Image 2

Sometimes I find that my greatest inspiration in fashion comes, not from the catwalks but from everyday people showing off their street style. Chic feed is a round up of the best street style looks from around the world.
Image 4

Online shopping at its finest! A compilation of over 2000 brands for you to browse through all in one app! Be warned, your bank balance may suffer as a result of this app!

Image 6
Image 5
This app is the perfect way to make your wardrobe virtual! You can take pics of your own clothes, upload them to the app, then when you are having a fashion dilemma you just virtually browse your wardrobe and match up outfits! Perfect!
Image 20
Image 21
Feel a little confused when reading a fashion mag and there are so many terms you don’t understand? Have no fear, this app is like a fashion dictionary, outlining all you need to know!

Image 7
Who doesn’t love a bargain? This app clubs together all of the latest sales for you to drool over!

Image 9
Image 10
The latest social network and this one is for fashion lovers only! You can upload your own photos or browse through others!

Image 15
The queen of all online shopping stores! Now you can search and buy directly from your smart phone! A must have!
Image 16
Image 17
This is the perfect forum for sharing your latest styles and also to check out the latest styles of the most fashionable people in the world. The app allows you to peruse the newest looks and hype the ones that you think are super cool!



  1. Miśka Grabowska

    Cool photos in Instagram 😉
    Have a nice day, kisses ;*


  2. Kiwi Fashion Blog

    Lots of good idea about online shopping also very dangerous for me haha 🙂
    Your phone cover is too cute! That reminds me I need to change my phone cover soon!
    Following you on GFC too! Keep in touch

  3. Milex

    so pretty!

  4. Paola Lauretano

    Cool pics and amazing apps…. tnx for sharing darling!!!!

  5. kim bim

    You look stunning in the first picture, love your bag, Wow these are all interesting apps, i am quite familiar with shop style, totally agree with you about that app lol its a bank wrecker. I rarely visit shop style these days only if Google recommends it. I love iphone 5 too but recently i got a samsung galaxy s4 unfortunately i smashed it today trying to chase a big black fly with my jacket, didn't know it was in my pocket,*sigh*
    I just couldn't cry, i had to repair for £99 crazy! huh?!need to save for that. Anyway am still smiling 🙂 have a lovely evening.

  6. Life's a shoe

    oooh they all sound great! thanks for sharing!


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