Costume Couture

As a drama teacher and a lover of all things couture, when it comes to dressing up in costumes, I am in my element! I adore acting, performing, teaching, directing, presenting… anything that puts myself or my students in the limelight and I treat my style in the exact same way.
 I always like my outfits to be audience worthy, even if no-one shall ever see them but the mirror. 
I take every opportunity to get dressed up in costume as it gives me the chance to push fashion boundaries to the limits and wear clothing, make-up and styles that I could never and would never carry off in everyday life! 
Here is a short selection of a few of my favourite costumes over the last few years! 
You may not even recognize me in some of the pictures!
Nicola x

An outdoor performance of the ancient myth “Bricrius Feast”
Wearing: ★ Vintage customised Wedding Dress, Gucci Swivel Watch & “The Closet” Necklace 
Hair and Make-up – Tara Henderson International

Halloween Rock Chick
Wearing: ★ Vest by Religion, Leather skirt from H&M , Juicy Couture Watch 
★ Spiked Costume Jewellery and Temporary tattoos from Claires Accessories 

Gothic Rag-Doll
Wearing: ★ Wheels and Doll baby Skull Dress, Tutu skirt from River Island, 
★ Alexander McQueen Skull Bangle, Mary-Jane Shoes from Topshop 

Stilt-Walking Ringmaster 
St. Patricks Day Parade where my drama group won first prize for best float
Wearing: ★ Military Jacket and Gold Sequin top from River Island, Top Hat and Trousers borrowed from Inishowen Carnival Committee and Stilts (incase you hadn’t noticed 🙂 

Wicked Witch
Wearing: ★ Witches Costume from “The Party Shop,” Skull Necklace – Claires Accessories 
Gaga Glam to see the Lady herself in Concert
Wearing: ★ Chanel Sunglasses, Dress by Aqua Couture, Juicy Couture Watch, River Island Sandals 

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