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This week I received the “Wet Brush” to try out and review thanks to Sparkle PR.
As most of you will see from my pics, my hair is so thick and is always very difficult to brush, especially after I wash it. I was very skeptical as I have tried every different kind of brush on the market and I still have to tug and pull at my hair. I always have to spray lots of leave-in conditioner in order to de-tangle it.
When trying out the “Wet Brush“, just so that I could get a truthful review, I didn’t use any product whatsoever, I simply towel dried my hair and brushed it straight through.
I really couldn’t believe how easy it was.
I very rarely review products that I don’t believe in and I started out with the opinion that this one wouldn’t work but I was very pleasantly surprised.
The bristles on the “Wet Brush” have been specially developed to use on wet hair, they are ultra thin and flexible and glide through your hair with ease. It can even be used to detangle hair extensions or wigs.
The “Wet Brush” comes in a variety of different colours and prints and can be purchased for just £11.99 from Sally’s stores www.sallyexpress.comwww.cultbeauty.co.uk and salons nationwide!
If your hair is thick, thin, prone to tangling etc. then this is the perfect product for you.
Definitely worth a try!
Nicola x

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