Vida Glow

For the past few weeks I have been trying out this Natural Marine Collagen drink in Blueberry flavour thanks to Vida Glow.
It contains only natural ingredients and helps to promote a clear complexion, stronger nails & thicker shinier hair – on top of all that, it actually tastes really good too!
I can’t say that I have noticed miraculous changes but I definitely do notice that my hair and skin feels more healthy and hydrated. I am prone to dryness in both areas and this definitely has not been as much of a problem for me recently. My nails also used to break every other day and now I find that they are definitely stronger and last longer without breaking.
If you are struggling with dryness in your skin or hair, or brittle nails, I would definitely recommend giving it a go. I can guarantee that it will work 100% but with totally natural ingredients it is definitely worth a go. I noticed quite a few improvements since trying it for myself and I hope that it has the same effect for you.
Nicola x






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