Versace for H&M: Cruise Collection

Finally my chosen items from the Versace for H&M: Cruise Collection have arrived and I love them every bit as much in person as I did when I first saw them online. As you have seen in my previous post – HERE, I was a huge fan of the first “Versace for H&M” collection and bought almost every item. The Cruise Collection, although beautiful, to me was not as typically “Versace” in style, so I showed some self restraint for once and only bought two things! The purple dress and the charm bracelet.
The dress, with its cute little pattern of Summer Fruits, is the perfect item to put you in the mood for the good weather! (Thats if we ever get any in Ireland but always an excuse to travel elsewhere!)
The charm bracelet is my favourite piece from the entire collection. It is so pretty and feminine, the ideal accessory for the Spring/Summer 2012. 
Let me know what you think of my choices and if you bought anything exciting from the cruise collection!
Nicola x

★ Dress and Bracelet from Versace for H&M: Cruise Collection 
★ Louis Vuitton Multicolore “Pochette” 
★ River Island Multicolour and Spiked Heels 
★ Gucci Watch 
★ Earrings from Cherries, Dublin 
Photographs from Donal Kearney Photography – Contact:

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