Top 20 Style Diaries of 2016

Floral dress from Sequin Cinderella Boutique, Nude heels from Topshop
In my last post I told you guys how my blog had suffered due to being so busy with opening the shop but the one thing I tried to keep on top of was my daily style diary on my social media. It was my way of sharing my looks with you all, giving style tips, showing new shop stock and sharing magic little finds that I picked up in different stores along the way. It didn’t take up as much time as full blog posts but still kept you all in the loop. 
So now that I have vowed to get the blog back on track, I decided to have a look through all of my style pics. Even though it hasn’t been a full 12 months since I started the #stylediaries, I thought the beginning of 2017 would be a nice time to round up 20 of my favourite looks and put them all together on the blog.
As you will see, my style doesn’t fall into any particular genre and can change according to my mood. This is what I love about fashion, we don’t have to follow a type or a style, we can be who we want to be and express ourselves in any way! 
I hope you like some of the top looks that I have pulled together and you can check out the details of each look underneath the pics!
If you want to start your own style diaries, be sure to tag your posts with the hashtags #StyleDiaries and #thesequincinderella . 
Nicola x
Dress from All Saints, Glitter sandals from Zara, Moschino Bracelet and Chanel Sunglasses
Floral Jeans and Cold Shoulder Shirt from my boutique, Sandals from River Island
Dress from H&M, Sandals from Zara, Necklace from my Boutique
Dr Denim Jeans and Bardot top from my boutique, Heels from Topshop
Dress & Boots from Topshop, Moschino Bracelet and Vintage Belt
Cartoon Jacket and Dr Denim Jeans from my boutique, Boots from Topshop

Velvet dress from my boutique, Belt from River Island, Boots from Zara and Guess watch.
Frill shirt from Exhibit, Leather look culottes from my boutique, boots from Topshop, Moschino bracelet.
Sequin Top from my boutique, Skirt from my own collection, Heels from River Island.
Dress from my boutique, Boots from River Island
No description necessary haha
Zara shirt, Dr Denim jeans from my Boutique, Belt from River Island.
Sheepskin coat from River Island, Dr Denim Jeans from my boutique, Tommy Hilfiger Boots, Hat from Internationale.
Fringed jacket by Religion, Patched jeans from my boutique, Boots from Zara
Dress by a new brand coming to my boutique in Spring, Belt & polo neck from River Island

Dress from my boutique, Heels from Topshop
Dress by Una Rodden, Platforms from Zara.

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