Solo Shoes

I shared some images of these pieces with you during the Winter but I never thought they would still be so relevant in the first week of Spring. The Irish weather has been worse than ever over the past month or so and with storms Desmond, Imogen, Henry, Tom, Dick and Harry battering us each week, it isn’t time to pack away the Winter woolies just yet.
This gorgeous yellow hat with a faux fur bobble and the beautiful two toned faux fur snood are both from Solo Shoes in Dungannon and are perfect pieces to keep you warm and cosy whilst still looking super fashionable!
The great thing about these pieces is that they do not have to be worn with wooly jumpers, in fact people are wearing the beanie hats with funky t-shirts nowadays so call into Solo whilst they are in stock and pick up one for yourself, but you better avert your eyes or you will end up leaving with a hat, a scarf, a bag and three pairs of shoes! You have been warned!
Nicola x

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