So…? Burlesque

Here is one for all you nineties kids… 
How many of you remember saving up your pocket money to buy the latest bottle of So…? fragrance or body spray? I for one was absolutely addicted and I have to say, when I saw them making a comeback last year I was super excited. It was like revisiting my youth – and lets face it, we all like to do that from time to time.
I first reviewed their product – So…? Sexy – last year (read HERE) and I immediately fell in love with it so when I was contacted to review their new fragrance, So…? Burlesque, I jumped at the chance.
I wish there was some way of letting you guys smell the scent through this blog post as it is such an unusal, crisp, sexy fragrance. Its like So…? has grown up with us and is now designed for us as Women.
I can’t say I generally walk around in Burlesque gear but coincidentally, I attended one of my best friends hen parties last year and Burlesque was the theme. I just had to dig out one of the photos to go along with this review as it tied in perfectly! 
Burlesque is about confidence, embracing your femininity and expressing yourself in a flamboyant and fun way and I feel that this fragrance really sums up this description to a tee!
Nicola x

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