Sequin Cinderella Boutique’s First Birthday

This day last year I fulfilled my lifelong dream of opening my very own boutique. It was many years in the planning but it was always my destiny and I can’t believe that I am sitting here today with a one year old thriving business, just like I had always dreamt of.
It has been the quickest but most fulfilling year of my life and whilst some days it feels like I have been here forever, it has also passed in the blink of an eye.
I have learned so much over the past 12 months and continue to learn every single day but there is not one second that I spend in my shop that I do not smile and realise how very lucky that I am to have achieved a lifelong dream.
My Mum had 3 boutiques before I was born and I would always listen to her amazing stories about how she loved every minute of it and I knew that was what I was meant to do. I inherited my love of fashion from her and it was absolutely in my blood from the day that I was born.
Sequin Cinderella Boutique finally came to life on the 16th April 2016 and it has been the most amazing roller coaster ride ever since.
I have dressed some fabulous ladies for the most amazing events, from weddings to parties and all thats in between. I have been with brides from engagements to honeymoons, I have watched pregnant ladies go from dressing bumps to babies christenings, I have seen beautiful ladies celebrate big birthdays from sweet 16ths to 70ths and all of the while, watched the clothing from my shop make each and every one of them feel beautiful and to me that is a privilege in itself. 
You guys have grown with me, from starting this blog in 2012, to studying fashion and graduating with distinctions and from showing my collection at fashion weeks all over the country to the opening of my boutique, you have been the most amazing supporters and of course customers that a girl could ask for.
So now, a year later, 365 days after the best day of my life, my business continues to grow and with your support I so look forward to watching where the next few years will take it.
I have gathered together some pictures of the journey of the shop from the moment I took over the building to my opening day. I cannot believe the transformation and it makes me a little emotional to look back over the step by step process of creating my baby. 
So to celebrate the big first birthday there will be a big sale on in store as a thank you to all of you! It will run until Wed 19th so call in and hopefully you will find something that you love. You can also call the boutique to order on 0749322584. We offer free shipping within Ireland and also International shipping.
Don’t forget to enter the competition over on Facebook to win a €100 voucher to spend in the boutique which you can check out here ->
Happy Birthday Sequin Cinderella Boutique!!
Heres to many many more!
Making it official!
The first day I got the keys 
Bye ugly wooden window!
Starting to look like a clothes shop!
The final look – nothing a bit of paint and a sign couldn’t fix
This was the “beautiful” decor that I was met with on the inside. I debated keeping the colour scheme (just kidding lol)  and the wall with the door on it was knocked through to lengthen the shop making more room for lots of clothes.

When the demolition work began! This was a scary day haha
Plastered and starting to take shape
Testing glitter paints (which were crap btw)
My glitter wall! Still love it to this day
And a little neon to finish it off
Getting the rails and shop fittings installed
And then the clothes arrived… by the box load!!!
Finally the finishing touches were put in place and we were ready to rock!

Proud as punch on opening day

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