New Year – Same Me, But Better

So this year, I gave in, I jumped on the bandwagon, I adhered to the cliches and I went on a quest for a “New Year, New Me”
I got myself a personal trainer, started fitness classes, went running (albeit I almost died) and I even gave up junk food… and to top it all off, I have lasted longer than my usual breaking point of two weeks.

I am seriously addicted to junk food – no joke! I’m not being dramatic and saying I’m addicted because I simply ‘like’ chocolate- I’m talking more like… lying in my bed at night having sweats if I knew that there was some in the house and I couldn’t have it. So lets just say, giving it up has been pretty tough. In fact, the diet for me has definitely been the hardest part.

Now before any of you start, I know I am not overweight, nor do I need to lose mountain loads of weight, but I have definitely gained a little more than I am used to over the Christmas period (as most of us did) and I also know that my diet of sugary foods and takeaways really needed to change. I am not encouraging strict diets but I most definitely encourage a healthy lifestyle and that is what I am trying to achieve for myself.

When I decided to open my boutique, any physical activity that I did beforehand stopped. I didn’t have the time or the energy to do anything, so although I was always on the go with my business, I wasn’t exercising and was surviving on convenience food.

Fast forward to January when I decided to make a change – my fitness levels were at an all time low, my diet was horrendous and I had zero energy, dull skin and a crappy sleeping pattern –
so I set myself a goal… I was going to get my life on track, eat healthy, exercise, get my body confidence back and have more energy… and all before I turn cough*30*cough.

So my first step was to find myself a personal trainer. I knew that I didn’t have the discipline to get out of my bed and go to classes and I most definitely couldn’t do it myself at home so it was my only option. I started with a lady called Maria McMenamin who has a reputation for kicking peoples asses into shape and that was exactly what I needed.

During my first class I felt like I was going to either die, faint or be sick… I even pretended to have to go to the toilet just so I wouldn’t pass out in front of her (sorry Maria, if you are reading this) and whilst that has definitely improved, to this day, I can’t get through a full class without having to take a break (or several). But I do notice that my fitness levels are improving day by day and I love that feeling of achievement when I can do a little more each time.

In saying that, so many have told me “You will become obsessed” or “You will love it” and I definitely have NOT got to that stage yet, in fact, whilst I am in the middle of it, I hate every second of it, but then I think of my goal and get mad at myself and keep going and afterwards I feel great.
I most definitely will not become one of those bloggers that shoves their fitness in your face but what I will do is document my struggles and achievements throughout my journey… real talk, no BS.
For example, last night I went for a run, set myself a short route and couldn’t even make it half way. My throat burned, My heart was pounding beyond belief and when I got home I was dizzy, out of breath and felt like I might drop. But thats what happened and hopefully next time I might do a little better.
The same goes for my dieting… I am definitely eating a million times more healthy than I was before but my God its a struggle. If I see one more dry breast of chicken I may scream or commit murder… either or. I also have had a few slip ups… particularly in the form of last weekend where my “cheat meal” turned into steak, garlic potatoes and a half bottle of red wine followed by a breakfast bap and a Chinese the next day. But you know what? who cares? Because come Monday morning, I was back to porridge – literally.
My weight hasn’t exactly fallen off either, I’m still the exact same weight on the scales as I was on the day that I started, but I was warned to go by measurements rather than scales as fat is turning to muscle and weighs more, so I did that and discovered that I had lost an inch off my waist, my bust and each thigh. Not bad for three weeks work. I just need to stop being so impatient and thinking that if I eat healthy for a day then weigh myself I will have a full stone off… the joys of being an impatient woman.
So I guess my reason for starting this fitness journey blog isn’t to say – “I’m great, watch me work out” but its to say, “here is someone who hates healthy food, hates exercise but is doing it anyway” so lets see how it goes! I’ll keep you posted… that is, if I survive my next run…
#PrayForNicola #SkinnyFor30
Nicola x

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