Mount Teide View

The little bit of sunshine today has me dreaming of my holiday in Tenerife a few weeks back.  I’m imagining myself lying by our pool with a view of Mount Teide instead of sitting by my computer working…
I realised today that I have a few outfit posts that I haven’t shared with you, which could possibly inspire any of you lucky people who still have your holidays to look forward to.
This look was quite a casual one, I scraped my hair back into a clip on ponytail (which is a lifesaver in the sun) and went for an oversized pair of cat eye sunglasses to add a little bit of glam to the look.
My top is from Topshop and I absolutely love the shape of it, the cascading back and shorter front makes for an unusual silhouette and a flattering one if, like myself, you wish to cover any problem areas (cough*bum*cough)
I wore a pair of quilted leather shorts, also from Tophop, underneath and added some black and gold accessories with my McQueen clutch bag, Moschino cuff bracelet and sandals from River Island.
I found Tenerife to be quite a laid back, casual place so I didn’t get dressed up every night but this for me was a holiday in itself. I relaxed and chilled out every day which was amazing!
I am so jealous of any of you who have all of that to look forward to!
Nicola x






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