Juice Plus Diary 1

I recently told you about the beginning of my journey with Juice Plus+ and the lovely lady that inspired me to try it, in my post Juice Plus – Clare’s Story.
Clare gave me one months supply of the tablets to try out for myself and give my honest opinion about.
I don’t know about you guys, but I have heard so many mixed reports about Juice Plus, especially since I first posted about it over a week ago – I have had mails, especially from people in the fitness industry, who have told me it’s no good or a scam. They told me that the sales people claim that it is a “miracle” product when it isn’t or that its a cure etc. etc. However, I did state in my last post that Clare told me it is NOT a miracle, a weight loss genius or a cure for any illness. She simply shared her story and the benefits it had for her and it was this level of honesty that inspired me to try it for myself.
I have been taking the tablets for two weeks as of today and although this is very early days, I wanted to keep you guys up to date with my progress.
The first thing I found with the tablets is that they are quite large and although I have never had a problem swallowing tablets before, I have found it quite difficult to take all six of them without feeling as if they are sticking in my throat. Clare advised me that it might be an idea to open them and pour the contents into a flavoured yoghurt. That way you are avoiding taking the gum in the outer case and I have found this a much easier and more appealing way to take them.
In regards to how I feel, I have found it difficult the past few weeks to make a judgement on my energy levels as I have been running around from place to place but I have found that I am more enthusiastic when it comes to making plans. Before I would have made excuses to lie on the sofa whereas now I feel better about getting up and doing things. I am not saying it is thanks to the juice plus but I will see as time progresses.
I suppose the main changes I have noticed are in my skin and my digestive system.
I don’t exactly have acne but I am definitely prone to breakouts and as of yet, I haven’t had any. Again I am not claiming that it is thanks to the tablets but if I haven’t had any spots by the time the month is up then it will be the first month my skin has been clear in many years. I will keep you posted on that.
In regards to my digestive system, for a start I rarely feel hungry. I am not dieting nor have I cut out fruit and veg from my diet. I am eating as normal. Before I would have found that I get very lethargic when I am hungry and almost feel as if I will faint if I don’t eat, whereas in the past few weeks I have been eating my normal three meals with no urgency to snack in between. I haven’t lost any weight so far but I definitely feel that my eating patterns have improved. I also feel that my bowel has become a lot healthier and regular but we won’t go into details about that!
Basically, I can tell you that after two weeks on Juice Plus+ I have definitely had a positive experience so far. The results I have seen are by no means miraculous and as of yet I cannot swear that they are thanks to Juice Plus+ but I am definitely looking forward to seeing what the next two weeks have in store.
If you have any questions just pop over to my facebook page (www.facebook.com/TheSequinCinderella) or contact Clare on her fb (https://www.facebook.com/Clare.O.Brien.Mc.Gowan?fref=ts) for more advise.
Nicola x  

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