J’adore Dior


I absolutely love Dior’s cosmetic range, from their make-up to their perfumes and cleansers, the whole range is the epitome of luxury.
When I first bought one of their limited edition pieces I just could not wait to try out all the beautiful products and colours they contained. However, simply knowing that these items could never be replaced made me a little apprehensive to use them. Instead I decided to turn these items into collectors pieces, keeping them ever so perfect in their little dustbags and boxes. I take them out only to admire them or occasionally to wear the bracelet or charms but I always ensure they are kept in immaculate condition. My favourite from my collection would have to be the Bracelet De Maquillage. I would have bought this if I had seen it in a jewellery store as I love the style of the bracelet, never mind the fact that it has two beautiful coloured lipglosses hidden away inside.
Some people collect stamps, some people collect antiques, I just happen to collect Dior’s Limited Edition Cosmetics. Have you been lucky enough to purchase any of these limited edition items? If so, which is your favourite?
Nicola x
 Limited Edition Dior Kiss Lipglosses
Dior Beauty Confidential – Ready to Wear Summer Make-Up Face and Lips 001


Dior Holiday Celebration – Make-Up Palette for the Lips 723



Bracelet de Maquillage – Lip Gloss Duo 001



Dior Glam – Face and Eyes Highlighting Powder 001



Dior Play – Gamble on Beige 151



Dior Detective Chic – Shimmery Powder Face and Eyes 001



Dior Pretty Charms – Secret Lipgloss 002



Street Chic Dior – 760 Uptown – 2 compact Lipsticks

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  1. bushra

    oh wow – someone else who collects these! i have actually decide to list a few of the more popular ones on ebay and save the more special ones for my daughter now 🙂


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