GROW – Promoting Mental Health at Freshers Weeks

As we all know this time of year brings the Summer season to an end. 
As Autumn is looming, so too is a host of new opportunities and for some, a host of brand new problems and fears.
There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world getting ready to embark on a new adventure, starting college for the first time, going back to re-train, moving away from home etc. and whilst for most this can be incredibly exciting, there are times when it can get too much.
I myself face this daunting prospect as I have made a possibly life changing decision to go back to the world of books this September which could lead my life in a very different but exciting direction, so I can relate to the fears felt by any of my readers in a similar situation.
Although the emphasis on college or university is often put on the importance of partying, studying etc. one thing that is often overlooked is the importance of Mental Health. Nowadays it is becoming more and more apparent that something needs to be done to raise awareness of the issues that we, as human beings can face in everyday life and GROW, an Irish charity aimed at doing so, are engaging in a plan to get this into freshers weeks nationwide and raise awareness among first year students all over the country.
Working together with the Union of Students of Ireland, the charity are going to be making their presence known in a vast amount of campuses educating students and lecturers alike, promoting a healthy mental well-being, making students aware of the services they provide and drawing attention to the fact that there are people and organizations there to help when things become a bit too much.
In recent times our country has suffered as a result of the suicide “epidemic”. More and more precious lives are being lost and unfortunately a huge stigma still remains around the topic. Through GROW’s campaign to raise awareness of depression in Ireland and provide a safe haven for those who are suffering at the hands of this terrible illness, they are slowly but surely doing their part to release the stigma and allow people to talk openly and honestly.
They have realised that the first year of college or university can be a very vulnerable time in any persons life and through this project they aim to help.
For the most part, my blog is aimed at clothes, shoes, handbags & makeup but this time around I am writing about the key trend for this season and a must have no matter what your style or budget. the ability to talk, to seek help and to fight for your mental health.
Remember, if you are a student affected by depression, isolation, fear or sadness of any description, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, GROW are here to help!
Watch out for their flyers in the fresher’s pack and if you see a stand at your campus please pop over and say hello! Your life is so precious, they know it and they want to help you to realise it too!
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Check out GROW’s website at


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