Finding Yourself When You’re Lost

Sometimes you have to get completely lost in order to truly find yourself… 
This is a saying that I have found to be true on more than one occasion and no time more so than the past few weeks… 
I think we all know that I dreaded turning 30… and yea it was funny and I wrote a funny blog post and we all laughed but the truth of the matter is that it scared me… I panicked about my future and about where I was going and what I had achieved so far… and I let fear fool myself into believing that I hadn’t got to where I wanted to be. 
I think we all set ourselves a timeline of where we want to be in life and by when… I was no different and its safe to say it veered off to the left a little along the way. 
But you know what? Timelines are bulls**t…. because each and every single person is different and their own unique paths lead them in various directions and thats ok. We are all so quick to criticise ourselves over what we haven’t done but we never sit down and think… 
damn girl you actually did good… more than good… you did great!
When I let the irrational fear go and started to realise that I am exactly where I should be and that I have achieved so much of what I wanted to and way more… that is when I started to realise that age is irrelevant and we need to appreciate each day and all of the opportunities that they bring.
I spent so many days talking about how I was dreading turning 30, then it hit me that so many people would love to have the opportunity to see 30… I’m lucky everyday to be alive and healthy and to get up each morning and thats what I decided to focus on. Doors may close and things may end, but new things will always begin no matter what age you are or where you are in life. There are always new avenues waiting to be explored… 
If you get lost a little along the way… then enjoy the new path, stop and take some pictures… climb a tree and check out the view. (Anything to drown out the noise of your boyfriend giving out to you for taking him the wrong way)… ok so thats a little off topic, but when this ‘philosophical’ post is accompanied by pics of me genuinely getting us lost in a forest then why not?
The metaphor is still the same x 
I was wearing:
Bell Sleeve top & Dungarees from my boutique
Converse All Stars in leather
Location: Lisnagra Woods in Muff 
Nicola x

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