Fairy Tale

Whilst looking through some old pictures, I came across these snapshots from my 22nd birthday. 
When I’m choosing an outfit, I always like to pick something that will stand out from the crowd especially on my Birthday. Every girl should feel like the centre of attention on that special day.
As a drama teacher, I love my statement outfits to have a theatrical feel and there is nothing quite like a “tutu” to bring that dramatic element to an ensemble! I felt like I was in a Fairy Tale.
I got this dress from “Identity Boutique” where it was made by Una Rodden. Matched with “Miss Sixty” metallic pink stilettos and lots of colourful jewellery from River Island, I was ready to hit the town!
Let me know what you think!
Nicola x

 Tutu Dress from Identity Boutique, Buncrana 
★ Miss Sixty Metallic Stilettos 
★ Bangles, Watch and Earrings from River Island 

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