Fabulous Faux Fur

Lets be honest – are you even Irish if someone asks you where you got your outfit and your answer isn’t Penneys?
I love the shock that ensues when you boast about how cheap it was and the rush of excitement on the peoples faces when they think of rushing to get the same thing the next day! 
I picked up this faux fur jacket in Penneys in Letterkenny a few weeks ago for just €40 and some would be forgiven for mistaking it for a more expensive coat. I have previously paid anything from €80 to €250 for faux fur and I would easily have done the same if I had found this jacket in a more expensive store. The quality, the colour and the cosiness are all such high quality that it really was a bargain and with the horrid weather forecast predicted for the coming weeks, it seems I bought it just on time! Hurry to grab yours whilst stock lasts!
Nicola x

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