Eyelash Extensions by Divine Eyes, White Smiles

Last week I shared a picture of my amazing eyelash extensions thank to Divine Eyes, White Smiles and here they are, almost two weeks after application, still looking as good as new.
I absolutely love them and dread the thought of going back to my natural lashes.
My own lashes were always very full and long so I was wary of getting the extensions, number one, incase they damaged my own lashes and number two, incase I become addicted – and whilst my own lashes seem perfect underneath, I’m afraid number two has definitely come true! 
The relief of not having to apply mascara every day is unreal… I never have much time in the morning getting ready so I can apply my foundation as normal and run out the door!
There isn’t much upkeep with these extensions either, all you have to do is brush them every day with a little wand provided by Ciara from Divine Eyes. It’s also really important not to keep your face under the shower for too long as excess heat can loosen them and cause them to fall out.
I have noticed a few falling out but that happens with the natural shedding of your own lashes so its barely noticeable. Most people get 4-6weeks out of their application so I will keep you all updated on mine but so far so good!
I got the most dramatic set available which were a full set of “mink” lashes but they also come in different lengths and thicknesses according to what you want yourself.
A full set is €55 and a half set is €35 but they are so worth it as I now feel glam, even when I have no make up on at all!
If you have any questions about them, feel free to ask me or contact Ciara directly on her facebook page Divine Eyes, White Smiles and she will be happy to help.
I’d like to say a huge thank you to Ciara for asking me to review the lashes and I’m so looking forward to having them reapplied in the new year!
Nicola x





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