Man Time Fashion Show

Well the night finally arrived for the “Man Time” fashion show, the brainchild of Our Events NI and I for one could not have been more excited.On Sunday evening my Boyfriend and I made our way to The Ivory Restaurant, the stunning venue for the... read more

Studs and Spikes

I have always loved anything with studs and spikes, even before they came into fashion, but no matter how many shops I visited or websites I trawled, I could never find exactly what I was looking for.I wanted a jacket that was totally unique, eye-catching and fitting... read more

It is coming. It is time. It… is Man Time

“It is coming. It is time. It…is MAN TIME.”On the 17th of June, “Our Events NI” will make history with the very first Northern Irish all Male fashion show and I am lucky enough to have been invited to attend such an exciting event. It will take... read more