Benefit Brows at The Loop

Do you ever look back at old photographs from the early 00’s and think – thank the Lord for whoever it was that invented the eyebrow pencil?
I honestly think I spent my entire teens looking like I was in a permanent state of shock and trust me, that is never a good look. I even remember a makeup artist trying to colour mine in for me and I nearly slapped her… what was wrong with my head? lol
Anyway not only have things drastically improved in the line of makeup in the last few years, but so many different eyebrow products have been developed that there is no excuse for that look of surprise anymore and no excuse for bad eyebrows.
Benefit have really led the way in terms of all things cosmetic, making them fun and girly but also damn good quality. So when the Loop in Dublin airport sent me some incredible pieces from Benefits new brow range I couldn’t wait to try them out.
The video above shows each one of them in use and whilst its hard to do eyebrows and hold a camera on the day you break your tripod (don’t ask) it will definitely give you an idea of how each one works.
I have also included some pics for you below.
All products are available at The Loop who always have products at least 15% less than high street stores. If you are travelling through there anytime soon be sure to check out their benefit stand and stock up for your holidays! Your eyebrows and your teenage self would thank you for it!
Nicola x

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