ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

So I finally got nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge. At first I thought it was just another facebook fad, something that people were jumping on the badwagon with and forgetting the true message behind it, but then I was introduced to the video about Pete Frates, the inspiration behind it all and I was incredibly moved and inspired. If he, as a long term sufferer of ALS can dump a bucket of ice water over his head, then so can I and I was sure to make my donation to the cause also.
(watch the video that inspired me here –
Instead of nominating local people, I chose to nominate Irish bloggers and personalities that have a voice. People who have a following that can spread the word and get the message out there – Suzanne Jackson from, Aoibhe Devlin from, Cathy O Connor – TV Fashion Stylist and Ashleigh Coyle – Big Brother runner up!
I know our newsfeeds have become over run with these challenges and people are getting sick of watching everyone compete to get the most creative video but please, in all the fun of the videos, do not forget the true meaning behind the challenge and make your donation!
Visit to make your donation now!
Nicola x

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