2015 – Lets Dance

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Just before all of the crazy New Years Celebrations begin (or just after, for my readers all around the world), I wanted to take the opportunity to say a sincere thank you to every one of you for your support throughout 2014.
I have made no secret that this has not been the easiest year for me but as it is a New Year and a new beginning, I am not going to dwell on the sadness that has gone before us. 
Aside from the struggles in my personal life, I have had some incredible achievements with my blog and my design career.
I won the RSVP/Cork Fashion Week blogger of the year, I designed fabric for one of the top Fashion Designers in Ireland, was chosen as a brand ambassador for the Loop in Dublin Airport, I have achieved straight distinctions in my fashion design course to date, had offers to show my first collection at numerous fashion weeks throughout Ireland and beyond in the new year, reached almost half a million views on my blog and continue to build my readership all over the world, every single day.
I cannot thank you all enough as I wouldn’t still be writing the Sequin Cinderella if it wasn’t for you guys! You mean the world to me and I sincerely hope that 2015 brings you everything that you wish for and more.
So in the true “fashion” of my blog – all soppyness aside, I have gathered some of my favourtie outfit looks for you from the past year. I hope to keep inspiring you and move onwards and upwards in 2015!
There are lots of exciting things to come!
Happy New Year 
Nicola x

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