Holiday in Lanzarote

In the Summer of 2011 I went to Lanzarote with my Boyfriend for a fortnight. I absolutely loved it. The weather, the food, the apartment, the beach… everything was just perfect. I am a total sun worshipper and much to my boyfriends dismay, spent most of each afternoon soaking up the rays. For the first few nights we explored all the local hotspots and restaraunts but we soon found a few favourites. We became regulars at a beautiful steak house directly opposite our apartment block where the staff treated us like royalty and were even upset as we were leaving to come home. Each night we got complimentary champagne on arrival, and a jug of Strawberry Daiquiri after dinner. We also found the tiniest little pub which you can see me pictured outside in two of the photos, where we perched ourselves each Saturday evening to watch the beginning of the X factor!
As usual with most trips I take, my luggage was extremely overpacked! I’m well used to having a big red “Heavy” sticker attached to my case. I just cannot discipline myself to pack lightly, so I take every part of my wardrobe that can fit into my carry-on, holdall and suitcase. A favourite outfit from this holiday was my leopard print tie dress by “Laundry Room” pictured above. During the day I wore a rainbow of different bikinis from every High Street store I could find!
As I write this, huddled by the fire on a cold December evening I would give anything to be back there soaking up the 35 degree sunshine. Have you ever been to Lanzarote? Did you enjoy as much as I did?
Leopard Dress by Laundry Room
Tiffany Bracelet

Guess watch
Earrings from Cherries, Dublin

Flapper girl dress from H&M
Tiffany Bracelet
Guess Watch
 View from our Apartment
Rancho Texas, Lanzarote
Crop Top and Shorts from Topshop
Juicy Couture Canvas Tote Bag

Cafe La Ola, Lanzarote

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