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One of the most frequent questions that I get asked is “Who Does Your Nails?” so I wanted to do a little post to show you guys the process and where i get them done.
I had always heard amazing reports about The Nail Studio in Derry/Londonderry and Jennifer, the owner had come highly recommended so when I decided to get them done, she was my first choice.
Up until December last year, I never really got my nails done, in fact, I would have been doing well to even have them painted. My friends always teased me because I spent so much time and effort on my appearance but I always had ugly nails. So when I started getting them done, there was no going back.
I get the acrylic extensions with a gel polish on the top. At the beginning, I would have played it very safe with my colours, always going for a different variation of nude… or if I was feeling extra adventurous, maybe a splash of glitter. But as each time has passed, I have become more and more experimental with colours and I just love them.
This time around I let Jennifer choose what to do, the only thing I really wanted to try was the new chrome effect so I got that in the rose gold on my ring fingers and a variety of nudes and a deep plum on the rest with a splash of diamante. These are by far my favourite set and I am already excited to see what Jennifer does next time.
Mine usually last for three weeks, I could get longer out of them but I hate when they look grown out so I get a refill on the third week and a new set every three to four months depending on the growth of my own nail underneath.
I highly recommend Jennifer and her talented team if ay of you guys are looking to try them out.
They are based on Carlisle Rd in Derry/Londonderry above Emma Harkins hairdressers and their telephone number is 02871372066. Otherwise you can find them on Facebook HERE.
Nicola x

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