Roaccutane Diary – Month 2

So I have finished my second month on roaccutane and its time to give you guys an update.

First things first, I am still so glad that I made the decision to start taking them. My skin is a million times better than it was before and I am so happy with the results already. I am a little nervous about the next four months and how they will pan out but in the meantime all is good. The picture above is probably the first picture I ever took of my skin with no make up and no filters etc and was actually happy with the result so that is definitely a step in the right direction.
As far as side effects are concerned, they have definitely got a little worse this month but are 100% liveable. Nothing has become unbearable as of yet.
My lips are super dry and if I don’t apply carmex about 100 times a day then they do start to get a little sore. I still can’t wear lipstick which is so annoying but I am surviving with lipliners and gloss which are better than nothing.
This month the inside of my nose has become very raw and sore, even to the point were it is bleeding which is such a pain but at least it is hidden and it will hopefully ease off soon.
The skin on my body is becoming quite dry too, with little discoloured patches appearing on my shoulder, but this is 100% my own fault as I got lazy with moisturising this past week or two, so I need to get back on it every day.
Perhaps the most annoying side effect for me has been the muscle aches. I was doing so well with exercise classes and working on my fitness since January but I have found that recently, the classes are becoming more and more difficult, I am extra tired at the end and even on the days that I am not exercising, I find myself aching and sore. After researching online, I did get some glucosamine and magnesium tablets to help with this but I haven’t been taking them long enough to let you know if they are helping yet.

If you are a serious sportsperson then I would seriously consider all options before planning to take roaccutane as it definitely makes it a lot more difficult. 
Apart from those few things and having a brain like a sieve and forgetting to take the tablets from time to time, the journey has been relatively smooth.
I have not noticed any side effects to my mental health or my mood which is fantastic as that was my biggest fear before taking the tablets and hopefully that will continue for the rest of my roaccutane journey.
Through a lot of research online, I realise that every single case is different. Even after I posted my first months diary, so many of your contacted me to tell me your story and I was blown away by how much each case differed.
So basically what I would say to you, is not to judge your journey on anyone else’s, I did that for so long before taking the plunge to try it for myself and mine has been completely different to any that I had heard of. Assess your own case and work out if it is right for you. And don’t forget, that if you start it, you aren’t under any threat to keep it up for the suggested time, if your side effects are so severe that you can’t stick them then you can stop. Just know your own body and pay attention to any changes.
If you have any questions then PM me on my Facebook here, instagram here or on snapchat – (sequincinders) and I will do my best to answer but don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor or your dermatologist about the right path for you!
Also if you are useless at remembering to take tablets, like me, I know you can get little “days of the week” tablet holders in all of the pharmacies but I did find a cool little holder in TK Maxx (pictured below), it is rose gold and is so easy to throw in your handbag and that way you remember to take them each day!
Nicola x

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