Milk Peel at Elite Aesthetics

As most of you will know from my social media, I have been attending Elite Aesthetics for a series of treatments on my face to help improve my skin. Emma, the proprietor is a nurse and highly qualified in every aspect of skincare so she designed a program of treatments specially suited to my skin type and improving its appearance, texture and acne prone tendencies.
I started off with a facial which helped to declass my pores and exfoliate the skin. I then had the microdermabrasion treatment which was fantastic for smoothing the surface and I am now awaiting the third in a series of four Milk Peels.
The Milk peel treatment is a clinically-tested chemical peel system that targets dull skin, fine lines, folliculitis and complexion irregularities. It restores luminosity, boosts collagen production and leaves patients with a natural, more even complexion.
In preparation for the Milk peel, I started prepping my skin 2 weeks prior to my first facial with a glycolic acid based cleanser. This just takes the place of your usual cleanser and feels really nice on your skin.
The treatment lasts 30mins in total – consisting of several steps.
Firstly your skin is cleansed with a pre-peel glycolic cleanser and then the milk juvenating peel product is applied all over the area. At the time of application you feel a slight tinging sensation meaning that the product is working well on your skin. A heating sensation is normal and I was given a fan to gently fan the skin and reduce the heat sensation – as much as it was a little warm, it was never unbearable or sore!
The peel remains on the skin for a timed period and is then deactivated with cold water.
An advanced post treatment skin specific healing cream is applied to the skin which feels so nourishing and moisturising.
A post treatment individualised home skin care package was prepared for me to take home then and I used nothing but my own cleanser and the specialised cream for four days after each treatment.
In the initial four days, my skin did peel slightly and feel quite dry but I kept applying the cream and by the fourth day, this had vanishing and my skin felt amazing.
I have had less breakouts, my skin looks and feels totally different and my makeup sits very differently on my face.
I am now half way through the series of four and I cannot wait to see what my skin looks like when I have finished.
I would like to say a huge thank you to Emma, Sarah and the team at Elite for all of these wonderful treatments and for transforming my skin. I had got to the stage where I was miserable with my skins appearance and Emma had helped to transform it and make it feel brand new! 
I highly recommend that you contact Emma if you have any skin worries of your own! You can find her on Facebook HERE or you can call the clinic on (0044) 77 12332154!
You will not be disappointed!
Nicola x

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