Destination Skin Care at The Loop

As a brand ambassador for The Loop at Dublin and Cork Airports, I have always been more than impressed with the wide selection of products and the amazing special offers that they have, making everything more accessible and more affordable for customers. What never fails to surprise me, however, is the personal interest that they take in each individual client passing through their stores. This has become even more apparent with their “Destination Skincare” project which focuses on encouraging travellers to look after their skin according to their own individual needs and recommending products that are suitable to each persons requirements. Be it hydration, anti-ageing, radiance or protection, they have products and advice on hand to help you pick exactly what you need for your skin. There is a fully trained skincare team in both terminals in Dublin Airport and in Cork to advise what is best for you depending on your skin and your destination. For example, if you are heading off on a sun holiday, they will recommend the best SPF and moisturiser etc. They not only want to educate you on skincare but they want to provide top quality products at a “cheaper than high street” price.
You don’t even need to be instore as they have published most of their advice online for you to access before you fly so you can make use of their click & collect service, meaning you buy online and either collect your product at the airport before you set off on holidays or on your way home.
In a survey carried out by ARI – they found that surprisingly, Irish Women are most envious of French Womens complexions – they also found that Irish Women are more comfortable baring their naked bodies rather than their naked faces… 
This is a shocking statistic proving that we Irish women as a whole, are lacking in confidence in our skin, so ladies, its time to take a stand! We need to start taking care of our skin & become more comfortable in ourselves. If you are travelling through Dublin or Cork airport anytime in the near future then be sure to take advantage of their “Destination Skincare” program! Your skin will thank you for it!
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