Chill Ed Repair Haircare

I don’t know about you guys but I am incredibly fussy when it comes to the products that I use in my hair! I could have a favourite brand of shampoo that makes my hair like pure silk for 6 weeks then, on the next application – bang! Grease bomb!
My hair is thick, very thick and very dry but prone to grease… I know right? And lets not even talk about the amount of split ends I have from over-styling… so I have to say, when I was sent a range of Chill Ed Hair Repair goodies thanks to Vivid PR, I was a tad sceptical!
I waited until my hair was in a criminal state – as in, it should have been illegal to be let out of the house kinda state, then I tried this new range and I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised!
Beautiful smell, no greasy residue and a natural shine after blowdrying.
My hair was easier to straighten, easier to control and very soft to the touch.
I have used these products until I literally had to cut the end of each tube to scrape out the residue and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has hair that needs a little pick me up!
Check out their website for details of their latest products and you can also purchase online  –
You won’t be disappointed!
Nicola x

The BEFORE picture – Cringe!!!


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