Baby B Browne Tan

I remember trying BabyBBrowne tan a few years ago and falling in love with it! But as it was difficult to get in my area, I fell away from using it and started trying different tans.
It is only now that I have been sent another fab bottle, my love affair with the brand has been reignited.
The tan genuinely does not smell like biscuits, wet dogs, BO or any other gross association that we make with that horrid tan smell, it smells so so good. It also applies to your skin like a soothing moisturiser- hence its nickname as the moisturising tan. There is no struggle to make it look even or worries with streaks, just smooth application and a soft feel afterwards.
The tan is tinted so you have instant colour which I love as I am never organised enough to apply it the night before but it also gives a really even wear off – I don’t scrub at all in the shower which I think is important and I also moisturise every night.
My skin has been super dry recently, particularly after being in the sun and I have had no difficulties with using BabyBBrowne at all. Sometimes certain tans, no matter how good thy are, will alway cling to dry spots but this one honestly didn’t. I also found that it evened out my skin throughout the week and disguised any lines that I had developed from the sun.
It was my “go-to” tan on holidays to give myself a sun-kissed glow and I cannot recommend it enough!
You can purchase it here —>
*Whilst I was kindly sent the product, this isn’t a sponsored post and is based on my own opinion and love of the brand.
Nicola x

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