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As 2017 drew to a close, I have to admit, the last thing on my mind was my blog, or even having a second to myself to think about blogging as the boutique was so chaotic over Christmas but now as January is well and truly under way, I have been thinking over the incredible year that I had last year and my exciting plans for the one to come.
I was flicking through photographs, picking some of my favourite moments of 2017 along with some of my fave outfits and I decided to put them all into a post, together with some of my goals and resolutions to kickstart my main one of getting back into the blogging game this year.
2017 was the year that I found my feet in the boutique, I came into my own and became a lot more confident with my brand and market. Don’t get me wrong, I am still learning every day and I will be until the day that I retire but I feel like I have overcome a lot and found my place in the business world and for that I am truly happy.
2017 saw one of my best friends get married and my fashion line grace several catwalk shows, I won a special award for my online marketing and I also achieved a childhood dream of going to Disneyworld.
I made bold decisions, took risks and faced challenges but it was all worth it in the end and looking back over the year I can high five myself and only hope that 2018 is half as successful and half as fun.
 Below is my year through the eyes of my wardrobe, as well as some lessons that I learned along the way. I also included a list of resolutions that I set for myself in my first ever new year blog post and they still make me giggle! I hope you enjoy them and that this post inspires you to make 2018 your year!
Nicola x

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5 Lessons that I learned in 2017
1. Stop Worrying About What Other People Think
All to often in life I have let this one hold me back. I have lost many nights sleep worrying about the opinions of others and what I finally realised was that those people will have those opinions regardless of whether I worry about them or not.
People love to judge, they love to criticise and they love to form opinions… Let them!
Live your own life, be true to yourself and do what you love and you will never go too far wrong!
Those who matter won’t mind and those who mind won’t matter!
2. Take Risks and Don’t Be Afraid to Fail
Life is a journey full of risks and if you don’t ever take them you will live a very boring, safe life.
Everything comes with a risk, some are worth it and others are not. Failing at something does not make you a failure, how you react to it does.
If I had been afraid to take a risk, Sequin Cinderella would not exist – neither the blog nor the boutique.
Even now, I take risks everyday – some go wrong and some go right but each one is a learning curve and we will all be learning until the day we die.
3. Competition is healthy – Make it your motivation
No matter what you do in life, there will be someone there to compete with you. Some of them are competing to further themselves and some are competing to try and bring you down.  At the risk of repeating myself… let them.
For me, I learned that the only person worth truly competing with is yourself. Always strive to do better today than you did yesterday. Stop worrying about what other people are doing.
Do what you love, do it well, work hard and you will succeed regardless of your competitors. Let their determination to see you fail be your motivation not to!
4. Its ok to have a bad day 
This is something I still struggle with but I am getting better at. It is ok to have a bad day and just because you are having one does not mean that you are going to have a bad week or a bad year. I have had crappy days in the last year where I felt like everything was falling down around me and I found it very hard to rise above it. I’ve had days in the boutique were I would happily set a light to it all out of sheer frustration, I’ve had days when I felt like deleting my blog, my social media etc. but what I have learned is that thats completely normal. No matter how much you love what you do, you can’t be happy and positive every single day. Its ok to feel down or get unmotivated but what I have learned is to recognise the difference between a bad day and how you react to that bad day.
Your reactions are generally your downfall, by small changes in attitude, I can now step back from the bad days and realise that they will pass and that for me was a huge lesson to learn.
5. Don’t be afraid to take some time out
Ok so this one is one that I know is important but I haven’t quite mastered. I literally never stop, I never take time off and I can never switch my brain off. I struggle to sleep at night because even when I am “relaxing” I’m always thinking about my next step or my to-do list or I have invented something to worry and stress about. This is definitely a huge personality flaw of mine and something that I try to work on every day… I have actually really run myself down at the minute from over working and over socialising this Christmas and as a result, my body is definitely suffering. Its a huge wake up call that you need to look after yourself in order to continue to be able to achieve what you want to achieve. Someday I hope to make a break through and be able to take a step back but unfortunately that day is not today haha! If you have any tips on that one I would appreciate hearing them!


The first list of New Years Resolutions that I ever wrote on my blog! It still makes me laugh!
★ When life gets tough – Go Shopping! It always helps! ★ 
★ The floor is not your Wardrobe ★ 
★ The Car is not your Wardrobe ★ 
★  If you can’t find your clothes… check the aforementioned locations ★ 
★ Do one thing every day that makes you smile ★ 
★ Laugh More, you may get wrinkles but for that, my dears, there’s botox ★ 
★ Cherish every second spent with family and friends, even if they drive you crazy ★ 
★ Be Brave – Clash Patterns, the world won’t end if your clothes don’t match ★ 
★ Walk in shoes that you cannot walk in! ★ 
★ Ditch the diet – Life is too short to eat food you don’t like ★ 
★ Never let anyone get you down – unless you are stuck up a tree ★ 
★ Always dress OTT for every occasion. Why blend in when you were born to stand out? ★ 
★ Remove the following words from your vocabulary – Sensible, Practical, Can’t & Shouldn’t, ★ 
★ Follow your dreams, No matter how wild! ★ 
★ Most Importantly – Love yourself, no one in the world will ever be like you! ★ 





































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